Amarillo Museums & History

Amarillo Museums & HistoryAmarillo has so many stories to tell. From the discovery and use of its natural resources, to the art that has been both inspired by and created in this North Texas city, finding a place to begin taking it all in can be overwhelming. The various museums here prove to be more than adequate starting points to explore the history and culture that are uniquely Amarillo's.

Don Harrington Discovery Center
The Don Harrington Discovery Center, named after a well-respected Amarillo philanthropist, is a unique collection of both free-standing and hands-on exhibits that educate as well as entertain. Everything from a visiting T-Rex to robotic dinosaurs that literally follow you around, the museum will draw you into a world where anything is possible! There's also a new preschoolers gallery that offers kids under the age of six a chance to play, create and learn.

Address: 1200 Streit Drive, Amarillo, TX 79106 - MAP
Phone: (806) 355-9547

Wildcat Bluff Nature Center
The Wildcat Bluff Nature Center is the doorway to another time and place. Located just minutes from downtown Amarillo, you'll be amazed by the more than 600 acres of rolling grasslands and threaded nature trails, wildflowers, cottonwoods and a magnificent bluff. The area was named by early cowboys who spotted a den of wildcats under the bluff, this section of land features a branch of the famous Santa Fe Trail where wagon wheel ruts are still visible. It's a chance to connect the present with the past and learn the history of this rustic piece of the Texas Panhandle.

Address: 2301 North Soncy Road, Amarillo, TX 79124 - MAP
Phone: (806) 352-6007

Amarillo Museum of Art
Art lovers and casual observers agree that the Amarillo Museum of Art is true gem in the community. Located on the campus of Amarillo College, the facility features a stunning collection of Asian art that includes sculptures, paintings and other decorative arts. This is the only accredited museum within a 260-mile radius and strives to consistently present various collections of paintings, photographs, and sculptures. Admission is free, and the atmosphere is relaxing and inviting.

Address: 2200 South Van Buren, Amarillo, TX 79109 - MAP
Phone: (806) 373-9235

Panhandle Plains Historical Museum
Find out how tough and resilient the original inhabitants of the Texas Panhandle were by taking in the various exhibits and displays at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. The venue has the distinction of being the largest history museum in the state, and none of that space is wasted in telling the dramatic stories of how life on the plains came to be. Also, don't miss the beautiful collection of Texas art that includes Southwest American Indian art. Dig a little deeper as you pass through the paleontology and archeology areas that lead to the present day with the inclusion of some cutting edge modern art. From a lone sagebrush to art that reflects the present day, the wide panorama of it all is waiting to be seen at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.

Address: 2503 Fourth Avenue, Canyon, TX - MAP
Phone: (806) 651-2244

Harrington House
Take a peek at what privileged life was like back in the early 1900s at the Harrington House. Prominent citizens Don and Sybil Harrington moved into the home in 1940, and Mr. Harrington, a businessman who worked in the oil industry, spared no expense in furnishing and decorating this Neoclassical-styled mansion. Present-day, this house museum mansion serves as an extravagant time capsule that showcases its history through the original class and décor it has retained. The structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is open for tours and other engagements by appointment.

Address: 1600 South Polk Street, Amarillo, TX 79102 - MAP
Phone: (806) 374-5490